Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011

The amazing new Criterion Blu-Ray of Modern Times

  • Marty
  • DL
  • Justin
  • Craig
  • Adam
  • Alfredo (showed up during the movie, didn't stay long)
Dinner:  Was amazing.  Marty had spent a week making homemade pastrami, and we had Reuben sandwiches involving the pastrami, from-scratch onion rye bread, homemade Russian dressing, and deli sauerkraut.  (Actually, because it was pastrami and not corned beef, I'm told this sandwich is called a "Rachel.")

We started off with a bottle of Coppola's "Sofia" Rosé because of the crazy-making heat wave, then moved on to some rich German/Czech beers with the meal.

And afterward we listened to favorite opera arias and blew stuff up.  Did you know that the gloves firemen wear can safely protect you from a bottle rocket exploding in your hand?  Well, they can.

Movie night has a milestone coming up in two weeks.  There was discussion of how to mark the occasion.

Modern Times, seen from the hallway:

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