Sunday, August 7, 2011

#203: August 7, 2011


I mostly keep silent about the movies we watch at movie night, but hot damn this was fantastic.  To paraphrase something or other:  If you only see one no-budget movie this year about a sentient tire that kills with its mind and eventually takes out, on-screen, the audience that's watching this very movie, let it be this one.

Seriously, it's even better than that makes it sound.  Postmodern and self-referential in the good way--and I never say that. 

  • Marty
  • Justin
  • Thomas
  • Adam

Dinner: Salmon croquettes, insanely heavy and delicious mac and cheese (think a pound of smoked cheddar and panko topping), and green beans cooked with some serious bacon.

Movie night will be held on Sundays for a while.  Adam is going to be in a play and will have rehearsals five nights a week for a while, so until early October we're convening on Sundays.  One shudders to contemplate the effect this may have on football season.

Salmon croquettes!

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