Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#208: September 21, 2011

Movie:  The Magnificent Ambersons


  • Marty
  • Craig
  • Adam
Dinner:  "Eggs in Purgatory," aka uova al purgatorio. With crispy polenta cakes. Hot damn.

Marty also started using a wine-tracker app that will let us keep a much better record of what wines we try and how well we like them.  Once we get a bit of a database built up I'll post a link to our wine history.

For a while it looked as though we might not have movie night after all.  A transformer down the street from Marty's house had somehow blown out, and this particular rise of the machines meant no one on his block had power.  Then the power came on, but then MLGW showed up and said they had to shut it off again.  We had no idea what was going on, but pretty soon it came on and stayed on. 

I took a lot of blurry, dark pictures. 

MLGW truck.

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