Monday, February 27, 2012


Last night, I'm sure you're aware, the winners of the most prestigious awards in film were revealed.

What?  No, not the fucking Oscars.  I'm talking about the 2012 A Damned Arty Mural Awards, celebrating the best movies we saw at Movie Night in 2011.

Everyone who attended movie night in 2011--even once--was eligible to vote.  The results:

Best Picture:  Tree of Life

Best Director:  Terrence Malick, Tree of Life
Best Cinematography:  Tree of Life
Best Score:  Tree of Life

Best Actor:  Joseph Cotten, Shadow of a Doubt
Best Actress:  Catherine Deneuve, Repulsion

Best Supporting Actor:  Albert Brooks, Broadcast News
Best Supporting Actress:  Marion Mack, The General

Best Screenplay:  Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network

Best Documentary:  Tabloid

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