Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#231: March 21, 2012

Being Elmo, which charmed the socks off all of us.

  • Marty
  • Craig
  • DL
  • Justin
  • Kristi
  • Adam
Dinner:  Italian pot roast with cheesy polenta (which was a pain in the ass to find (the polenta, not the cheese)).

DL was here from Nashville.  He claims to like it there, but we are skeptical.

We took some photos:

This is where we watch movies.
DL now drives a 1982 diesel Mercedes.  It is every bit as awesome as it appears.
This is DL's Mercedes.  Marty is at left, and Adam is sitting on the trunk.  DL is inside the trunk.  I am not kidding.

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